North Lake Tahoe’s Year-Round Fishing Charters

FISHING – Lake Tahoe fish bite year-round

Fish of Lake Tahoe

Mackinaw or lake trout

Mackinaw Trout

Spawning: Mackinaw trout can spawn in lakes, unlike other trout that need to swim up streams. In the fall, they spawn in rocky areas that are free of silt and can be a few feet to 200 feet deep. The eggs are left unprotected between rocks and crevices to incubate for 4–5 weeks, without any help from the parents.

Lifespan: Mackinaw trout are slow-growing but can live for a long time, sometimes up to 70 years.

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Lifespan: Brown trout can live up to 20 years.

Adaptable: Brown trout can adapt to living in both freshwater and saltwater. They can undergo physiological changes to migrate from rivers to the ocean.

Speed: Adult brown trout can accelerate from a standstill to an estimated 23 miles per hour, and can travel 33 feet in a single second.

Rainbow Trout

Color: Rainbow trout color can be impacted by water quality, habitat, and diet. Fish from clear water with lots of cover tend to be more brightly colored, while fish from dirty water tend to be more washed out.

Groups: A group of rainbow trout is called a hover.

Anatomy: Rainbow trout have seven fins, teeth on the roof of their mouth but no lower teeth, and are known for being flashy fighters when hooked.

Love fishing? Know someone who does? Or is it simply time for that outdoor adventure fix?

Whether you’re a novice looking for your first real catch, or a seasoned veteran — you’ve come to the right boat. Our Lake Tahoe fishing charters specialize in shallow water and light tackle applications for Mackinaw, Rainbows and Browns.

Need a fishing license?

Fishing Lake Tahoe requires licenses for ages 16 and up. Click on the logo below for the appropriate licensing for either California or Nevada Fishing License.

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Fishing Lake Tahoe year-round.

North Lake Tahoe is approximately a 35-minute drive from Reno, NV and is North America’s largest and most beautiful alpine lake. It’s 22-miles long and 12-miles wide with 72 miles of scenic shoreline. With its deepest point at 1,645 feet and an average depth of 989 feet, Lake Tahoe never freezes over making it a year-round fishery. Our Lake Tahoe fishing charters specialize in light tackle angling for Mackinaw (Lake Trout), Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout. The time of year and seasons are key factors in the size and types of fish our clients can expect to catch while fishing Lake Tahoe.

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